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Junior Herd Improvement Project

to the Junior Herd Improvement Project (JHIP)

This is a program that allows young Brangus breeders to get free semen (2 straws) on proven calving ease sires to breed a heifer to. This offer is available to not only kids that show but any Brangus breeder under the age of 21 who owns a Brangus heifer. Again, this isn’t just for kids that show.  When I was a junior Brangus breeder we had a program like this in the early 2000’s and I remember applying for semen and feeling like I won the lottery when I received my letter saying that I had been selected to get my first sire choice. I credit this as being one of the moments that really sold me on becoming a seedstock producer and now I would like to offer that same opportunity to young enthusiastic Brangus breeders today in hopes that we can encourage some of you to grow your herd through the use of AI.

– Garrett Thomas


Things that you need to know: 

  1. – Applications Open July 5th and Applications Close August 1st (Fall Breeding Season)
  2. – One application per breeding season.
  3. – You will be notified if you are selected as a recipient of the JHIP via written correspondence on 9/1/2022.

Elite Herd Sires To Choose From

SCB Drake 10E1
Reg #: R10347603
Donated by: Midsouth Cattle Co.

Hollywood of Salacoa 23A53
Reg #: R10251840
Donated by: Trey Cuevas

QVF PR Empower 30G16
Reg #: R10412716
Donated by: Pete DeLeeuw

DDD Final Source 38D21
Reg #: 10346973
Donated by: MP Brangus

Sankey’s Special OP 108E
Reg #: 10343452
Donated by: L.G. Herndon Jr. Farms

DMR Dutton 331H8
Reg #: R10462638
Donated by: Trey Cuevas

Tinseltown of Salacoa 468D4
Reg #: R10317960
Donated by: Trey Cuevas

BWCC Hugo 484H7
Reg #: R10472434
Donated by: Fenco Farms

CB Paramount 7139H2
Reg #: R10445139
Donated by: Trey Cuevas

GRT MSC Woodford 889G24
Reg #: R10421348
Donated by: Drury Farms

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